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NLP Health Certification Training

The NLP Health Certification Training is Advanced NLP at its Best

With Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, and Kris Hallbom

Miracles still happen with NLP! There are a lot of “magic moments” in the 15 day Health Certification Training. This is the program where you will learn to take NLP beyond techniques and learn to operate more intuitively and fluidly. This is the training experience where you can learn to “work miracles” for yourself and your clients. Now that you have your Master Practitioner level skills, it is time to take what you’ve learned to the next level, and truly become more “unconsciously competent” using your NLP skills.

When you think back to what attracted you to NLP in the first place it was probably to be your best self in any situation, figure out how the mind works and to live more consciously. This is your opportunity to learn how to make that happen in a fascinating and easy way, with a wonderful group of people like yourself.

Each year, new discoveries are made in the field of NLP at the Health Certification Training. One of the exciting features of participating in this experience is to discover what is truly possible in the realm of creating deep and lasting changes in yourself and others. In this training, you will participate in “pushing the envelope” to expand the edges of the field, while gaining new understandings about the patterns and deeper structure of our human experience. Together we will find out what is possible beyond what we can already do in creating change that is both profound and powerful! Being a part of these innovations will allow you to contribute to the field – and to humanity – while becoming your best self.

Of course, this Health Certification Training program is packed with the latest practical NLP concepts and techniques that Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, and Suzi Smith know about or have developed and refined throughout their expansive careers. The content of the NLP Health Certification Training goes way beyond the procedures of the Master Practitioner into the world of experimentation and the next level of change work. It is updated each year with the most cutting–edge new understandings and processes in the field today. Participating will put you in the front of the field. Just as importantly, you will be able to really learn the nuances and subtleties of the powerful Practitioner and Master Practitioner skills that you already know in this advanced NLP training. Many of the most effective NLP Practitioners in the world have participated in this program, and it is widely considered to be the “Graduate School of NLP.”

Robert, Tim, Suzi and Kris have continually made this program better and the advanced skills easier to master. You will learn in your own way, yet experience lots of feedback from skilled people. There will never be a better time to take this advanced NLP program, or to take the class again and learn exciting new techniques. You will master the use of NLP at the levels of belief, identity, and Spirit to work more effectively with yourself and others.

Join a fabulous group of like-minded people and gain more skills, more choices, and an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. We guarantee that your experience in this program will bring profound change to your life. The Health Training covers much more than physical health. You will also learn strategies for creating a rich and fulfilling life.

Don’t miss this opportunity – it only happens every other year, and is your best choice for your personal and professional development!

Program Benefits

  • Align your personal strengths with your professional capabilities, core beliefs and values, your mission and vision
  • Interact with other people who have similar missions and an advanced level of NLP skill
  • Gain mastery of the tools and models in NLP that impact health in powerful ways
  • Receive high quality feedback from fellow participants, teaching assistants, trainers
  • Define the total ‘problem space’ of health issues
  • Identify and understand the communications behind symptoms; both for yourself and others
  • Learn many ways to approach a physical issue using NLP
  • Develop the skills to influence beliefs conversationally
  • Learn how to create an organic flow between yourself and the people you are assisting toward health
  • Learn to put yourself in states that both resonate with and draw out from another the appropriate “neuro-logical” states for change at the deepest levels
  • Internalize NLP as an ongoing part of your identity
  • Participate at the ground level in the formation of an organization that can truly make the world a better place

Your Trainers

Tim Hallbom, Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith, and Kris Hallbom


NLP Master Practitioner Certification


Health and Identity

  • Family constellations and identity
  • Your immune system and your mind
  • Systemic thinking–creating healthy systems

Healing of Memories

  • New perspectives on Reimprinting
  • Comprehensive breathing techniques for rearranging experiences
  • Systemic Reimprinting
  • Remodeling your past
  • Integrating introjected voices

Resolving Conflicts and Double Blinds

  • “Self witnessing” to go beyond double binds
  • Criteria
  • Values and health

Communication and Well-Being

  • Decoding your own and other’s projections
  • Sorting “truth” from your “reality”
  • Organ language
  • Advanced sleight of mouth and presuppositions

Spirituality and Health

  • Connecting with spiritual level resources
  • Energetics and NLP
  • Using the power of intent and intention

Advanced Patterning and Strategies for Well-Being

  • Eliminating worry
  • The syntax of problems vs. well-being
  • Advanced eye patterning

Death and Dying From a NLP Perspective

  • Resolution of death fears
  • Uncovering unconscious death wishes

Program Features

  • An information–packed workbook for use in class and at home.
  • A networking directory. So you can connect and brainstorm with your classmates between classes.
  • A class schedule designed to facilitate long–term learning. 15 days is a lot of training, but there’s a lot of material to master. Our easy schedule allows you to integrate skills into your daily life. And by meeting every other month, you have adequate time between sessions to review your notes, practice techniques and take care of your everyday life.
  • Personal attention and support from our hand–chosen team of teaching assistants, all graduates of the NLP Health Certification.
  • Methods and skills that you can test in class, and in real life, to ensure they work.
  • Professionally guided practice sessions. Your participation ensures that you don’t lose your skills; in fact, it guarantees that you master them.
  • MP3 CDs will be available for purchase (at our lowest possible cost), so you can review content as often as needed to glean every drop of knowledge available.
  • Discounted hotel room rates. We’ve negotiated special room rates with our host hotel.
  • Competitive pricing so your out–of–pocket investment is affordable. And we even offer interest-free financing.

Certification Requirements

  • Attend at least 12 out of 15 full days of training (Attendance is tracked in 1/2 day increments)
  • Participate in a minimum of 6 hours of practice sessions (over 6 months).
  • Read two books (to be assigned in class).
  • Complete in-class feedback sessions each session.
  • Select a special interest focus to apply NLP in your daily life.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use NLP Health Certification skills and concepts.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee

The NLP Institute of California offers a 100% satisfaction, no questions asked guarantee for all of its certification trainings. Here’s how it works: Come and attend the first two days of the NLP Health Certification training. If you decide that the training isn’t for you (for any reason), just let us know by the end of Day 2, and we’ll refund 100% of your registration fee. No questions asked and no hard feelings. You will be completely delighted with your NLP Health Certification, we promise!

Registration Information

By Phone


To Register Online Click Here

Suzi Smith’s Top Ten Reasons to Attend

  1. Learn how to live a life full of vitality so you can fully enjoy each day of your life.
  2. Belong to an incredible community of like-minded people who all speak the same language and benefit from the longevity benefits of a support network.
  3. Build your confidence in using your NLP skills on any issue that another person might present to you in a counseling/coaching context. This means you will make a positive difference in the health of the world.
  4. Heal yourself of any issues at any Neurological Level that might still be keeping you from creating your dreams. You become more of who you want to be.
  5. Learn “what to do when”  when presented with issues, allowing you to be more effective as you use all your NLP skills.
  6. Gain a complete understanding of NLP concepts so that when your interventions are not working as they should, you can have the flexibility to do something else that will work. This will bring you more consistent successful results in your work.
  7. Refine the processes and techniques that you have learned in Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings so that you have more choice in how to assist others. in reaching their goals. This will save you time and energy while working with others and will increase your confidence in using NLP.
  8. Become a developer of new ideas, techniques and processes that will help heal individuals, couples, families, corporations, and government organizations. Have access to greater creativity in using what you have learned in any context that will assist yourself and others.
  9. “Become” NLP so that it is so intuitive you don’t have to put effort and energy into thinking about what to do or how to use the skills. They are then a part of you and will come naturally to you.
  10. You will definitely have fun.

Robert Dilts’ Top Ten Reasons to Attend

  1. Integrate the latest developments in NLP and learn processes that promote all types of health: physical, emotional, relational, organizational and social.
  2. Master NLP skills at the deepest level so that they reach the level of unconscious competence.
  3. Honor and develop a new relationship with your body by deepening your respect for your body, its wisdom and its capacity to heal.
  4. Participate in a community of committed and skilled people who share a common vision and mission for health, healing and well-being.
  5. Learn tools that help to promote change and healing at the most profound levels of change.
  6. Explore and experience the power of beliefs in producing healing and transformation.
  7. Support and witness the miracle of the healing process in yourself and others.
  8. Discover practices that bring you greater natural energy, clarity and creativity.
  9. Understand yourself and your body in a whole new way by applying your NLP knowledge to yourself and perfecting your “inner game.”
  10. Enrich and contribute to the field of NLP by joining with others to model and share new insights about the deep structure of health and healing.

Tim and Kris Hallbom’s Top Ten Reasons to Attend

  1. Learn how to consciously step to a meta-position and see what is happening in any system that you are a part of in a natural and consistent way.
  2. Advance your skills with a great group of like-minded people who are committed to themselves and to making  difference – this is an amazing community where you will develop relationships with other participants that will last a lifetime.
  3. Learn how to do a complete piece of work by full identifying the present state, defining the outcome and making the best intervention.
  4. Learn what steps to take  to be successful when NLP does not seem to work on an issue.
  5. Learn the cutting edges of NLP in relation to health and well-being, and how to work with physical health challenges as well as emotional or behavioral issues.
  6. Discover and decode the patterning that overlays all experience.
  7. Learn how to consistently create change beyond techniques and procedures.
  8. Use NLP and its change processes at the levels of mind-body-and spirit.
  9. Identify your own patterning – and be able to make it the way that you want.
  10. Discover the latest methods for changing limiting beliefs about yourself and about the world.

Note: We reserve the right to deny entry into this program. We also reserve the right to dismiss any participant who disrupts the educational flow of the training program. The NLP Institute of California is not licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner, and The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) services offered by The NLP Institute of California are not licensed by the State of California.