Success with my client who has Type 1 Diabetes by Hans Polak

by Hans Polak

I was approached late February 2012 by an Occupational Health Medical Doctor who thought that NLP Health Coaching might have an effect on the health outcome of one of his diabetes type 1 patients. The patient was suffering from symptoms belonging to a burnout diagnosis. It was a great opportunity to measure any benefits of NLP Health Coaching influencing techniques, as there is a very measurable evaluation of change through blood test. 

The burnout symptoms were: 
- Feeling tired and drained most of the time 
- Lowered immunity, feeling sick a lot 
- Loss of motivation 
- Increasingly cynical and negative outlook 
- Change in sleep habits 
- Withdrawing from responsibilities 
- Skipping work 100% 

I guided the client through four intensive NLP HCT processes. 

The outcome is: 
- the peak and drop of effect increased (high and low blood glucose levels) 
- the recovery time from this peak and drop effect increased 
 – the amount of insulin units needed dropped by 45% 
 – the client is now back to work for 4 out of 5 days a week 

The client reported that after the NLP Health sessions, his system was like driving a Ferrari sports car and needed him to learn how to drive again. Fine tune it so to speak. He is extremely happy with the coaching results and outcome; feeling fit, healthy and curious.

The NLP Health techniques (taught n the Health Certification Training Program) used were: 
- systemic re-imprinting 
- giving forgiveness and healing 
- working energetically from the 4th position of NLP
- “Self witnessing” to go beyond double binds

Main skills used:
- Advanced eye patterning (created by Tim Hallbom) 
- Using the power of intent and intention
- Advanced sleight of mouth and presuppositions.

Hans Polak Organizes and teaches in the European Health Certification Training in Holland

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