NLP Article, Hidden Diversities by Dee Kinder


Hidden Diversities by Dee Kinder   Setting intent is In these days of diversity training, I find that those I classify as “hidden diversities” cause the most stress and conflict in the workplace on a daily basis. While I call them “hidden”, they are in fact quite obvious once one learns to observe the various traits. The stress and conflict caused by these “hidden diversities” can be lessened and the diversities can actually be utilized to create stronger teams, departments and companies.   The Concept of “Different vs. Difficult” All human beings are unique, with different preferences for thinking and behaving. [...]

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NLP Article, Verbal Implication, by Steve Andreas


Verbal Implication by Steve Andreas   Introduction Implication is one of the most common ways that we unconsciously make meaning out of events in everyday life. A speaker's statement implies something that the listener infers. Implication was used extensively and deliberately by Erickson, as shown in the following examples (some paraphrased) with the implication in parentheses: "You don't want to discuss your problems in that chair. You certainly don't want to discuss them standing up. But if you move your chair to the other side of the room, that would give you a different view of the situation, wouldn't it? (From [...]

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What is Dynamic Spin Release


What is Dynamic Spin Release? by Kris Hallbom   Dynamic Spin Release™ is a revolutionary approach consisting of dozens of techniques and processes– that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, unconscious conflicts, and physical pain in as little as eight minutes. Dynamic Spin Release techniques are practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with kids. An elegant synthesis of hypnosis, NLP, and the psychology of metaphors and symbols–– Dynamic Spin Release™ uses the universal principle of spin to accelerate the process of change and transformation. Spin is an intrinsic property of everything in [...]

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