NLP Trainers Training

with Master Trainer Tim Hallbom

(Prerequisite, an approved Master Practitioner Training)

Having completed the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training, you already know more about how to create the future that you want than most people. You have learned how to break negative habits, eliminate fears and phobias and overcome limitations. Often Master Practitioners spend years to refine their communication and presentation skills, but you can start to master many of these skills in just two weekends.

The NLP Trainer’s Training has always been considered the third level of NLP training after the Master Practitioner. This training will help you to move up to that next level of skill, discover ways to increase your potential to earn more income and contribute to the world by applying NLP training skills to enhance the lives of others. Attending the NLP Trainer’s Training could be the most important thing you do for yourself this year… You will not only learn the ways to be a highly effective trainer and presenter, but you will learn advanced NLP skills not taught anywhere else. Also, as a part of this program, Tim will be sharing many of his discoveries with advanced eye accessing cues and eye movement integration (along with other cutting edge NLP material). 

As an NLP Trainer you can have a true positive impact with many people at once, rather than just one at a time. And it doesn’t really matter what you currently do. You see, while a percentage of people attend this program to become an NLP Trainer, virtually everyone can benefit from gaining these key communication skills and help people evolve in all sorts of different areas.

Who Needs to Attend This Program?

  • Do you want to greatly advance your NLP skills, learn some new techniques, and become more consciously competent?
  • Do you teach, lecture, delegate or train as part of your work and would like to better inspire others to take on new behaviors or learn better ways of succeeding?
  • Do you do marketing or advertising and would like to keep up with new ideas and techniques so you can best communicate with your clients?
  • Are you a therapist or coach who would like to have a greater impact with your clients? Or work with larger groups? Or provide highly effective group coaching?
  • Are you a salesperson who would like to increase your income? Or leverage your time by delivering your presentations in group settings?
  • Are you a part of OD or a human resources professional who would like to get more out of your co-workers?
  • Does a fear of public speaking keep you from moving to the next level?
  • Do you own a business or are you a management professional and would like to get more productivity out of your staff?
  • Would you like to be more effective and influential in meetings?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, attending the program will be of real benefit for you. You will learn the skills necessary to “be yourself” while presenting your ideas, and to be fully present as well. This program will help you to increase, improve and integrate NLP more elegantly into your personal and professional life and will definitely take your skills to the next level!

Why You Should Attend

  • Learn how to achieve an uptime state for presenting where you can call upon a full range of behaviors and truly “be yourself” in front of the group
  • Discover how to create space/stage anchors for delivering different messages to the audience, and for creating audience states
  • Explore how to calibrate and respond appropriately to resourceful and non resourceful states in the audience as a whole and to specific participants in the audience
  • Practice ways to demonstrate the content you are training as you are teaching it
  • Learn how to introduce yourself in a powerful way to build credibility and connection with the group
  • Learn how to have state choice and great behavioral flexibility as you are training
  • Explore how to create a meaningful and intelligent flow and sequence for the content you are training
  • Identify which activities to do when for a strong and lively training experience
  • Learn 10 ways to identify and to deal effectively with challenging participants – turn difficult participants into allies
  • Identify group “barometers”, i.e. those people who when calibrated are a clear indicator for how the group is doing at any given time
  • Learn Advanced Eye cue processes that represent real “magic” in your NLP work
  • Learn how to deliver “bad news” without anchoring it to yourself
  • Learn 5 things to say in the first few minutes to capture the audience
  • Learn 10 sure fire icebreakers
  • Experience how to use your voice and your physiology to create more warmth and approachability, or more formal credibility with your audience
  • Learn how to properly frame what you are training so the audience has the “legs” to put their learning on, set up activities 
and introduce new subjects
  • Learn how to construct useful exercises with multilevel learning
  • Know how to future-pace the participants learnings into their every day lives
  • Learn 50 ways to deepen participants learning
  • Gain strategies to keep the training moving at just the right pace
  • Acquire proven methods to create response potential and positive anticipation in the audience
  • Know how to avoid the one problem that most commonly creates disappointment in the audience
  • Learn effective strategies for marketing your trainings
  • Learn how to give feedback that will be accepted and used
  • Learn 10 rules for creating a safe learning environment
  • Experience 20 ways to motivate learners
  • Master how to identify unconscious leaders and manage group rapport
  • How to effectively use flip charts and create useful training materials
  • Receive a 20 point checklist for planning your training
  • Learn how to use your physiology and language to empower your teaching
  • Learn NLP\’s language patterns of influence (Milton Model) for working with a group
  • Marking out key points
  • Using embedded commands and questions
  • Creating “Response potential”
  • Presuppositions to assist in guiding experience
  • Directionalizing” the training session and create powerful openings and openers to avoid
  • Pacing the groups experience
  • Future-pacing the participants skills
  • Using the inverse Meta-model while training
  • Know how to organize the room and its space to create the best learning experience
  • Gain skills to motivate align, and inspire a group toward a goal or vision
  • Learn the key to great training: Set good frames for any subject
  • Acquire skills regarding how to limit and/or deal with participant objections or concerns
  • Learn 10 ways to get started and create the mood that is best for the group
  • Discover a 4 step process to remember participants names using NLP
  • Learn how to make complex topics easy, and fun, to experience
  • Get a clear grasp on how to manage the mix of task and relationship in the arena of training
  • Learn how to train specific NLP techniques and processes
  • Enhance your abilities in how to use stories and metaphor effectively, including guided experiences, nested loops and hypnotic end processes

Your Trainer

Your trainer is Tim Hallbom, co—founder and Director of Training at the NLP & Coaching Institute. You will have the benefit of Tim’s vast and successful training experience in the field of NLP.

Program Prerequisite
NLP Master Practitioner Certification