What People Say About NLP Institute Of California



Without exaggeration, Kris and Tim Hallbom have been the pinnacle conduit for my personal development and growth. I can not say enough about them! They are absolutely amazing people with so much love and generosity in their hearts! NLPCA is hands down the best training center in the world! NLPCA has top notch training and provides an incredibly professional and warm environment for their students to grow, explore and change.  -Amina Zamani, Davis, CA, Film Producer



Tim is a master at NLP! He is just great! Tim can easily take complicated and difficult ideas and break them down in a way that is very easy to understand. I really enjoyed him! The forgiveness process that is free to download on the website is truly remarkable! It really works! This audio is just one example of Tim’s mastery! He is great! -Ariadna Pierson, Senior Manager, San Jose, CA


Tim, I wanted to express appreciation for the work you are doing.  Over the last several months I have grown as a clinician and as a person.  It has been extremely helpful to recognize what my goals are and ways I can accomplish them.  I feel very lucky that we have had you in our training.  I truly respect and admire your skill as a professional.  You seem to genuinely care about us and our progress.  The techniques are very powerful. -M. Morgan ~ Salt Lake City, UT




Before doing the NLPCA’s Health Certification, I was a mess.  Sure, on the outside I looked like I had it “together”, but on the inside I was a ball of worry and anxiety.  During the course of the Health Cert, I found myself transforming at a speed that I would never have expected possible.  As a Psychology major, I always assumed change would have to be difficult and take time. And although the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses were AMAZING and life transforming, the Health Certification helped me delve into the realm of personal mastery.  I now use the tools, philosophies and concepts gained from this program in my life and with others through my business with stellar results.  If you desire deep transformation and/or hope to help others through profound changes, I implore you to sign up for the Health Certification today.  – Silvia Johnson, Outside the Cubicle




I love that the trainings are so close and convenient to me; it’s no doubt in my mind the best NLP training available! The results that I have seen from taking courses with NLPCA are great. I have seen richer and deeper relationships “evolving” from previous relationships that were pretty much unresourceful in the past; my abilities to respond differently to what used to “push my buttons” have improved dramatically, thereby improving the overall dynamics of the relationship. It’s magic! I have recommended NLPCA to many people! -Cindy Smith, NLP Coach, Riverbank, CA



After taking the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training from Tim Hallbom, I can no longer settle for self-help books and seminars. I’ve never felt this kind of certainty before, and it is because NLP is all about experiencing change first-hand. It has changed the way I view the world and has given me more choices and valuable resources. -Joanne Ritter, Director of Marketing and Communications, San Rafael, CA



I would absolutely recommend NLPCA to others in fact, I intend to be back myself! I would recommend that anyone who is curious about NLP studies with Tim and Kris because they really embody the values NLP promotes: tolerance, respect, playfulness, kindness, open–mindedness, curiosity, and belief in the possible. -Kate Warren, Trainer and Coach, London, England



My Miracle from NLP: When Tim Hallbom brought me in front of the class to alleviate my shoulder pain I knew it was impossible. After all, the pain was due to 4 severed rotator cuff tendons that could not be repaired. The shoulder was rubbing bone-to-bone, and I was in constant pain. I went along with the process anyway. Eighteen days later I was at the physical therapist. I asked her why I was there. She said “For the pain. We are going to try electrical treatments to see if we can alleviate some of it.” I said, “What pain? I don’t have any pain.” She couldn’t believe it. I raised my arm in front of me, pain free. Her mouth dropped open. I forgot that three weeks prior I couldn’t raise my arm, and was in constant pain. In fact, according to four surgeons and numerous physical therapists, it would become impossible for me to ever raise the arm because no other muscles could do what the several tendons did. My arm would atrophy and I would be completely disabled. I was also told I would always have pain. A few days later at my NLP class a fellow student asked, “How’s your shoulder?” “Huh, what about my shoulder? It’s fine, why do you ask?” Duh… I had completely forgotten about the process Tim did on me. Everyday my arm improves a little more and the shoulder pain occurs when I use the arm to excess. According to some fine surgeons, what Tim accomplished is impossible.  – Carol J. Rose, NLP Master Practitioner, Campbell, CA



Out of all the trainers I’ve had, I think Tim Hallbom is the best! He’s really good at breaking down concepts in a logical way. Tim is methodical in his ability to train and is a great facilitator! NLPCA’s classes are excellent and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to live an empowered life. As a result of taking classes from NLPCA I am more effective consultant and coach. I am so much better at listening to people and recognizing when they are stuck.  -Carolyn Godfrey, Principle Consultant 



NLP offers wonderful self-help tools in quieting the mind’s critical voice and assists us in moving towards changing those limiting beliefs and attitudes that we all face from time to time! I’m very much looking forward to extend this new found knowledge to others, as that part will be most rewarding. I am more flexible and accepting of various situations in life which has been a significant result of taking trainings with NLPCA. Further, I have greater inner peace and am able to approach life with a more “go with the flow” attitude! Before I took the coach training, I was lacking direction – unsure of my next step. Having been in Music Therapy and other related careers; I always enjoyed talking with people and assisting them with their problems. This course has enhanced my background and has provided me with new insights!  -Louise Rising, Life Coach



Kris and Tim are really special! I value Kris and Tim because they are innocent souls filled with true value and integrity. I think they give everyone a chance to become who they truly are. They are kind and giving without measure. They allow their students to explore their absolute fullest potential. Also, the way in which they teach their classes is great! The structure of their classes really works me. Tim and Kris set an intention to change people’s lives and it works! I have recommended so many people to them, because they are genuinely good people and do an outstanding job as trainers. -Taru Fisher, Menlo Park, CA, Personal and Professional Life Coach



Without a doubt the NLP Institute of California has the next level of professional growth and mastery for all certified coaches. This cutting edge technology simply and powerfully will assist coaches in supporting clients to define and remove obstacles blocking their pathway to success. As an excellent side benefit, you will explore, define and reprogram any old beliefs, behaviors or patterns as you learn!  -Helen Attridge Green, Master Certified Coach, President of Inner Wisdom Coaching



As a survivor of Stage III breast cancer I have used to be terrified of dying from cancer. Especially in light of all the public figures whose cancer had come out of remission and were now terminal. Thanks to NLP I have transformed those limiting beliefs and now expect to live a long healthy life. There is not a person in our class who doesn’t agree it is the best investment of time and money they have ever made in their life. -Carol J. Rose, NLP Master Practitioner



NLP has given me more tools to achieve my goals in business, relationships, and life. I feel I made some remarkable gains in personal growth. I recommend this to anyone who wants to expand their dreams and possibilities. -James Endo, San Jose, CA



The NLP Institute of California is a very professional, worthwhile training organization…I liked the insightfulness and expertise of the trainers, the assistance of the resource people, and the variety of the program content that was taught. I will continue to recommend your training programs. -Paul Price, San Mateo, CA



Anybody can enrich their life by taking this training. Do not be surprised by the positive changes in your life after training with the NLP and Coaching Institute of California, as well as the resources that are available to you.  -Jeffrey Lewis, San Jose, CA



Every coach, psychotherapist, nurse, social worker, manager, and serious business person needs the rich gifts and advanced communication tools NLP can provide. Before NLP I was struggling to define my practice, obtain clients, and develop programs. During my NLP trainings (both Practitioner and Master Practitioner) I successfully addressed all of these problems, plus a fair amount of personal issues. Now at the end of training, nine months later, I have a full practice and several publications coming out. I would never have had the resources to do any of this without my NLP training with the NLP Institute of California. -Maryam Webster, Saratoga, CA



Going through this training program has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learned that the key to life does lie within myself, and NLP can help you find it or lead you there. -Charles Turco, Santa Cruz, CA



As the CEO of a high-tech growth firm, I have no time for “fluffy” training. Let me tell you something-those who need to communicate more effectively in business will greatly benefit from the NLP Practitioner Training. For me, it was revolutionary. I found it improved every area of my work and home life. –Tom Hoobyar, President, Asepco, Inc., Mountain View, CA



I found your NLP Practitioner Training to be some of the most stimulating, practical and pertinent professional training I have experienced in my thirty-two years in public education. -Wayne Padover, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, Sacramento, CA



This is the beginning of the rest of my life: I feel I have just woken up in time! I now have the tools and techniques of NLP to grow and blossom. Tim Hallbom is a remarkable man with a depth of understanding I have not encountered before. I felt strongly supported in my journey to explore my inner self and express my emotions as they surfaced. -Lizzie Kennard, Professional Coach, Mill Valley, CA



I thoroughly enjoyed the training and have made it a part of my life. Family and work have both benefited from the work done within myself. -Michael McFarlin, Insurance Broker, San Francisco, CA



My adolescence would have been happier if Tim and Nick taught in my high school.  -Karen Pivazyan, Stanford, CA



Going through this program will change your life – a couple of times.  –Wayne Perry, Gilroy, CA



The NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training gave me tools for insight and change. Nothing else I have read or experienced has so dramatically expanded my horizons of experience. -Murray Jason, Cupertino, CA



This is a rich and rewarding training that offers a great balance between classroom and hands-on skill-building experience. The course provided a clear presentation of NLP terms, concepts, and methods; as well as a good balance between NLP theory and skills training. I plan to continue training with the NLP Institute of California. -Ken Pryor, Santa Rosa, CA



If you want to create the life of your dreams, learn NLP! -Ashley Warrenton-Smith, Novato, CA



The NLP trainings allow the students to be open to exploration, and provide a safe environment for learning. All the information is beneficial in a personal and professional level.-Darlene Sumner, Healdsburg, CA



This program taught me a model of NLP that has been helpful and given me a deeper understanding of the way we work as humans. Watching Tim’s subtle and elegant style has given me a great model of how to use NLP with my friends, family, and colleagues. -Dave Wallack, Carlsbad, CA



The best tool – I have learned to improve my life, relationships, and business. Thanks Tim!  -Kitty Steinborn, Santa Clara, CA



I never used to believe in miracles – now I do, and even better than that, I can perform magic!  -Inga Heuser, Oakland, CA



If you are ready to move towards being the best you can be, this program is for you.  -Elaine Muir, Menlo Park, CA



This program can help people in any walk of life, whether it be related to work, personal relationships, self-motivation, coaching, parenting, etc. –Byron Kerns, West Covina, CA



I have a whole new perspective on how to have the balance I have been struggling to find in my life by changing what I believe about myself and my life. -Karna Sundby, Seattle, WA



I have benefited greatly from this program. Tim is masterful in his demonstrations of all the NLP processes. -Andy Delao, El Dorado Hills, CA



An amazing experience–Invaluable. –Susan Bishop, Pacifica, CA



The program offers practical tools that really work to support major changes in myself and others. –Cheryl Parker, Pleasanton, CA



The NLP training I received through the NLP and Coaching Institute of California has continually delivered practical applications to getting what I want in my life. I also met a lot of wonderful, skilled people in the training that I know I will continue to network with.  -David Shaw, Santa Clara, CA



Even though I knew a fair amount of NLP before I trained with the NLP and Coaching Institute of California, I learned many new techniques in the classes. I was really able to see the big picture of the framework of NLP, which has been useful in learning to help others and myself. -William Song, San Francisco, CA



In my experience with standard counseling, change happens over a long period of time. With NLP you don’t have to think, you can just enjoy the changes and how quickly they happen. The Master training really enhances and condenses the process and refines the skill level. It clarifies everything I learned in the Practitioner training. – Kirk Derby, Seattle, WA



Training with the NLP and Coaching Institute of California has been incredible in my life. It has been the experience to change all other experiences in my life. -Lyric Ginsberg, San Francisco, CA



NLP is a must for life. -Yandaya Kutondo, Fremont, CA



Be open and willing to explore NLP out of curiosity. You will grow and have fun! -Dorothy Dzigurski, Mountain View, CA



My training at the NLP Institute of California has given me the opportunity to understand the blind spots in my personal and professional life. The tools that I have gathered have allowed me to change, redesign and align my life in exactly the way that I wanted. I will be forever grateful. -Robert Low, Certified Hellerworker, Los Gatos, CA



NLP is helping me become a more effective and loving spouse, friend and teacher. -Marilyn Baldauf Cooney, High School Teacher, Milbrae, CA



The training was very clear and communicated consistently with incredible skill and knowledge. -Joan Marie Benet, Body Worker, Sacramento, CA



NLP training has allowed me the opportunity to appreciate myself more, as well as others. -Lynda Potter, Project Manager, Mountain View, CA



NLP gave me an unbelievable New Life Pattern. -Marc Ricci, Wine Vendor, Los Altos, CA



Just coming to NLP training has opened doors that I never even saw before. -Rosa Gill, Behavioral Research Analyst, Palo Alto, CA



Thank you, thank you, thank you! NLP has energized my life to greater degrees than I could have thought. My life will never be the same again with my new options and strategies. -Lisa Kamieniecki, Union Steward, San Francisco, CA



In 50 years this is the happiest and most fulfilled I have ever been in my life. Thank you!  -Debbie Scopilite, Rohnert Park, CA



This learning experience changed me, my way of moving through life and my practice. I am now able to provide greater service to people than I would have before. -Ashley Warrenton-Smith, Novato, CA



NLP will change your ‘experience’ of life forever. -Erol Fox, Pleasanton, CA



As a trainer, I was very impressed with the training. Class sessions flowed nicely and there was a good balance of teaching and practice. -Susan Karlins



Beyond expectation! I have never made so many major changes in such a short period of time. If you fully participate you can’t help but move forward. -Peter Skelton, San Jose, CA



I got more skills and techniques than imagined – a whole new toolbox that will make the rest of my life an enriching adventure. -Anna Manayan, Milpitas, CA



Practical, down to earth training. The outcome process alone was worth the price. Thanks!” -Andrew Bayly, San Francisco, CA



This NLP training is a life transforming experience that gives the students the tools to continue to grow. -Art Lange, Sunnyvale, CA



The next level of human achievement is emotion/experience management and more effective communication with others·NLP is absolutely the best way to get there.” -Melanie Swan, Bulingame, CA



Practical, NLP brought color to my life in a way that makes it beautiful. -Christine Rupe, Cupertino, CA



I’ve participated in many trainings; this program is one of the most accessible, flexible and supportive I’ve been to – all this and great learning too!” -Naomi Prochovnick, San Francisco, CA



The outcome is worth the effort!” -Tony Scopelite, Rohnert Park, CA







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