About Us
We have provided NLP certification programs since 1985. We have conducted or participated in hundreds of certification programs in the United States and throughout the world. Our training staff is world renowned and all maintain busy training and private coaching practices.
We have a clear intent as an NLP institute.

Our mission is to discover what works in the realms of human effectiveness, change, interpersonal communications, and systemic thinking and we want to share it with others. Furthermore, we want  to provide information and skill development with the highest possible quality, integrity, and with a deep commitment to the personal and professional development of each person with whom we work.

We also want to create an atmosphere which helps to organize and support a community of people who discover and use understandings from NLP, systemic thinking, and other related fields to enrich their lives. Ultimately making the world a better, happier place.

Our strategy is to operate an organization that is a vehicle for the dissemination of what works. Valuing practicality, relationship, integrity, respect, quality, and effectiveness.

Our clear capabilities are world class training and consulting skills, creativity, energy, an ability to see the big picture as well as the details, a deep understanding of NLP and human patterning, systemic thinking, human energetics, and a genuine commitment to our student’s and client’s personal and professional development.


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