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What is NLP?

Do you ever wonder how some people effortlessly achieve phenomenal success in their personal and professional lives while you must work harder and longer to achieve your potential?

We know their secret! And we can teach you how to replicate their success in your own life using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

NLP Practitioner is the science of studying the patterns of excellence in the world’s most successful people, identifying the processes that produce their amazing results, and then reprogramming the software of your mind to replicate their successes. In other words, through this NLP course, you’ll discover what you need to change to achieve your fullest potential. And then you’ll learn how to do it by mastering the step-by-step processes and skills to implement rapid, lasting change in your life and in the lives of others.

Designed for people from all walks of life, the virtual 15-Module NLP Online Practitioner Certification ensures that you’ll be able to instantly incorporate these behavior-based methods and skills into your daily life. For changes, you can see quickly and results you can count on.

The Advantage Of Online Learning with NLPCA


Just Imagine Getting These Benefits From This Course...

✅ Learn 50+ strategies for creating and maintaining states of personal excellence.

✅ Learn 21 ways to read the unconscious physical signals that other people send in conversation, and be able to respond accordingly.

✅ Learn tried-and-true methods for keeping yourself motivated (modeled by highly successful people) that you can implement even when you are having a hard time getting yourself going.

✅ Greatly improve your ability to listen as others speak and speak so others will the automatic and unconscious level.

✅ Acquire 10 ways to influence and inspire others just by changing the words you use and how you say them.

✅ Learn “Psycho-Geography” – the hidden parts of communication Tim discovered that can make all the difference in a powerful communication.

✅ Really understand how to give feedback that people will accept and appreciate.

✅ Maximize your efficiency at any task so you can accomplish more in less time.

✅ Dramatically reduce conflict in your life by gaining an understanding of how others see the world and why they act the way they do.

✅ Learn how to reframe setbacks into learning opportunities.

✅ Tap an internal source of unlimited patience … for your kids, your difficult clients and coworkers, and even for daily frustrations, like bumper-to-bumper traffic.

✅ Rid yourself of mental blocks that are inhibiting your performance.

✅ Attract the things you really want in life without conscious thought or effort.

✅ Gain powerful methods for replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

...and many more!





Here Is What You Get When You Join Today:


Immediate & Lifetime Access

Immediate & Lifetime Access to Learning Portal, Private Community, and Module for NLP Practitioner Level (so you can watch them over and over again – Netflix for NLP).


15 Modules Delivered to Your Inbox

15 Modules delivered to your inbox – One per week (get the first module immediately with your registration).



Updated Yearly with NEW Material

Updated yearly with NEW material (including all LIVE class recordings for each year – so you can see the same process demos done with different clients and by different instructors).


Private Community

Private Community Support, Practice, and Accountability Partner with other students LIVE or via Zoom from around the world.


Instructor LIVE Support

Office Hours twice every week, where you can contact an instructor LIVE to support you.



Free Ticket

One Free ticket to our next LIVE & Online Class (check calendar for LIVE class dates).


Common Questions About The NLP Practitioner


Here’s How It’ll Work


The Mindset of Personal And Professional Excellence

In the first module of the NLP Practitioner Program, you will learn how to adopt the mindset of an excellent communicator and how to get in rapport quickly – even with difficult people.  You will learn to deal more effectively with emotionally challenging situations and develop ways to better understand other people’s points of view.


How To Get Clear About What You Really Want & Know What Gets In The Way

You will learn how to use the meta-model language distinctions to gather clear and specific information from others. Learning the meta-model will improve your ability to speak and think with clarity. You will also learn how to influence with integrity, and acquire new listening skills to identify and use the hidden messages in everyday language. You will discover how to consistently eliminate your own unwanted reactions to other’s behaviors and feel more in control of your feelings and behavior. You will gain essential knowledge of how the mind works, the nature of perception and how to fine tune your senses.


Access Feelings or ‘States of Mind’ On Command And How To Use Hypnotic Language To Create Change

During the first module, you will learn how to elicit powerful mental or emotional states and access them on command. You’ll then learn the technique of ‘Anchoring’ and how you can use that to create a repeatable and easy to use access point to that mental or emotional state. We will also instruct you on how to have these mental or emotional states ‘fire off’ automatically where you need or want it most. Next, you will discover a simple and powerful process for installing a new behavior into your nervous system so that it feels like your new default way of doing things. You can use this tool to program new habits and behaviors into your daily life where you want them.


How To Resolve Conflicts: Negotiation, Mediation, And Integration

You will learn additional deep level rapport skills, including how to read the non-verbal behavior of others even more effectively. You will learn how to do a “Guided Search,” which will allow you to pinpoint the unconscious origin of any life event from the past that may be affecting you positively or negatively. You will also learn a powerful and practical process called “Change Personal History,” which will help you eliminate any problem memories you have and further help you to be more resourceful whenever those unconscious memories get triggered at work or at home. Getting what you want in life, resolving internal conflicts, and challenges with others will be the focus of this set of modules.


How To Create Strategies For Success And Plan For The Future (Using Submodalities)

During this set of modules, you will begin to learn the modeling processes for creating success and excellence that is making NLP so famous. During this set of modules you will learn that NLP is not a set of techniques; it is a methodology. (For example, “Change Personal History” is not NLP, it is a technique that was developed from behavioral modeling of people who could create new perspectives on limiting decisions they made about themselves while growing up.) As you move through this set of modules, you will learn how to create the future you want by identifying your unconscious patterns of behavior, as well as your own patterns of excellence. You will learn how to change the patterns that are holding you back, and how to build upon your natural patterns of success.

At The End of The Course, You Will Get A…


You will receive a digital badge you can put on your website and a digital certificate you can print and display.

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