In this worksop you will learn
  • Learn how to hypnotize yourself & others. Learn techniques to re-program habits, responses, and beliefs. Discover how 5 Minutes of Self-Hypnosis a day can make a massive impact on the quality of your life. Explore how hypnosis can help you experience more of what you want, less of what you don’t.
In this worksop you will learn
  • The 3 Biological Drives that control ALL of your behavior and how to use them to create powerful change.
  • The ART & Science of How To Re-Program your preferences (what you like or dis-like and how much)
  • How to dismantle even the toughest habits.
  • How to enter the hypnotic state of SELF-Hypnosis (a simple 3 step process).
  • How to create effective hypnotic suggestions that work.
  • How to use suggestions to create a change in the nervous system.
  • Powerful suggestions to calm your nervous system and go about your day and actions in a relaxed and easy fashion.

Why should you take this workshop?

  • Learning how to Hypnotize yourself and others is fun, relaxing, and it can help you make changes much faster than sheer willpower alone.
    In fact, un-like relying on sheer willpower alone, hypnosis can help you make permanent changes you can live with.
    It can be a powerful tool for personal development in your life and is a skill you’ll want to have. Combined with other technologies like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis can be a powerful tool for change.
    This training is designed to shorten that learning curve dramatically and help you get up and running as quickly as possible, getting great results right from the start.
    The training is in a workshop format.
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Total Satisfaction Guarantee

The NLP Institute of California offers a 100% satisfaction, no questions asked guarantee for all of its certification trainings. Here’s how it works: Come and attend the first day of the workshop. If you decide that the training isn’t for you (for any reason), just let us know by the end of Day 1, return your training materials and name badge, and we’ll refund 100% of your registration fee. No questions asked and no hard feelings. You will be completely delighted with your training, we promise!





FRIDAYAUGUST 21, 20201:00PM – 6:00PM

Day 1

  • What is Hypnosis (and NLP) and why should I care?
  • A brief history of Hypnosis
  • An Framework for the Hypnotic Process
  • A simple Induction
  • A powerful suggestion

SaturdayAUGUST 22, 202010:00AM – 5:30PM

Day 2

  • Physical Convincers & Suggestibility Tests (physical or mental demonstrations to show they are responding to suggestion)
  • Hypnotic Pre-talk (what you tell someone to prepare them to go into hypnosis)
  • How to use Hypnotic Language and Speech
  • Creating the Hypnotic Patter (or script)
  • Hypnotic Post-talk

SundayAUGUST 23, 202010:00AM – 5:00PM

Day 3

  • Learn the 3 Step Approach to Assessing & Changing Habits
  • Learn the ART & Science of Suggestion – and how to use it to change your thinking and behavior.
  • Discover the power of combining Hypnosis with NLP for even faster results.

This program is offered solely for personal enrichment, recreational and avocational purposes and not to provide training for employment.


Robert Harrison, Trainer

Robert Harrison is an internationally recognized trainer and developer in the areas of NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, and Personality Profiling. He is the author of ‘First 50 Clients: A Toolkit for Hypnotists and Coaches’, The Professional Hypnotists Toolbox, Relationship Tune-Up, and 7 Survival Skills of the 21st Century Career Marketplace. Robert also, after working with the chronically mentally ill for over a decade, developed a model known as the ‘ Structure of Upset’.

He has been dedicated to the art and science of helping others improve their lives for over 20 years.
A Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor of Hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotists, trainer, and partner with NLP Institute of California, former President of the Master Hypnotist Society, and founder of The Hypnotist Academy, Robert has created award-winning Hypnosis programs that are proven and road tested.

In 2009, he was awarded the #1 Smoking Cessation Practitioner in world by Smoke Free International. At that time, they were the leading provider of Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Instruction.

Even though he still works in the clinic with clients 1-on-1 most days, he also teaches at two of the largest Hypnosis Conventions each year, co-trains the Practitioner, Master Practitioner in NLP, and WealthyMind™ Program with Tim Hallbom, Kris Hallbom and Suzi Smith, and mentors working Hypnotists & Coaches in the US and abroad to build a successful business.

Robert is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Trainer, NLP trainer, coach, and consultant. He has worked exclusively as a coach, consultant, hypnotist, and trainer for over 13 years.



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